WALL.E (2008)


A lovely story of intergalactic friendship, with a healthy dose of environmentalism, all set to the incredible sounds of Ben Burt.  Top notch design and animation on both Wall-e and Eve creating real empathy with these personified robots.

Zootopia (2016)


On the one hand this is a cartoon about a bunny wanting to be a cop, with lots of fish-out-of-water gags as the naive rabbit is variously patronised.  On the other hand, the main themes of standing up for what you believe in as well as cultural/racial tolerance are really quite serious.  This last point is particularly relevant in the political climate these days as some people believe that all members of one particular religious group are evil.

Of course this is a Disney animated kids film though, and as such it does everything right.  The jokes are thick and fast, the creation of the utopian animal world is excellent with so much detail that repeat viewings will doubtless reveal ever more unnoticed touches, and the voice cast it excellent.

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Rango (2011)

This is really good fun; quirky story, excellent animation, really good voice actors.  I felt that the actors would be obvious and over the top as they can sometimes be in animations, (I was worried about Johnny Depp in particular), but they weren’t.  Rather than model the characters on the actor, I felt the actors really tried to fit the characters, which is how it should be really.   Continue reading