Waterworld (1995)


So, one of my New Year’s Resolutions, well challenge really, is to watch a film relevant to specific dates. Eg, Halloween on Halloween, V for Vendetta on 5th November etc.  I fear the hard part will be trying to track these films down.

Just watched Waterworld which I thought was appropriate to all the water in Aberdeenshire just now.

So, here is my list.  Any other suggestions for my list would be appreciated.


And now my thoughts on Waterworld.

Kevin Costner is Robin Cod, Prince of Waves in Mad Max on water: Beyond the Floodedzone.

All very silly.  Essentially, Kevin Costner is a fish; self sufficient on his Heath Robinson style catamaran, while he is chased by Dennis Hopper (at the bottom of his game, not helped by woeful script) who wants to find the mythical Dryland by capturing a young girl who happens to have the map to this promised land tattooed on her back!

It almost had a nice moment when the Earth from the Universal logo became increasingly submerged as we zoomed into it while generic voice-over man explained how the ice caps had melted creating Waterworld.  Doesn’t quite work though as some clouds are used as an obvious cut between this graphic and live footage zooming to Fish Costner pissing in a bottle!  And that’s the highlight of the film!

I suppose the action is more dynamic than the un-dynamic underwater section at the end of Thunderball (1965).  But, you know, that’s just, like, my opinion man.


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